What Survivors & Therapists have said about us (2)

I have spoken to H today and she sends this message : “a very big thankyou . What you have given me is a lifetime job. I really like to sew. I am very happy for this. I have bought some paper to design a dress. Now I have a machine I also want to go college to study sewing.’ She said her and the women in her house would also like to thank you for the food.’ I have been H’s therapist for about 4 years – she has experienced a life of suffering. I was moved to tears to hear her on the phone today – so happy and excited and with hope for the future. Thank you so much for all the vital support you give to so many FFT clients. G

I can’t tell you how amazing it was to hear from S just now how great the people from STAF he were when they dropped off the duvets on Monday . She finds it impossible to trust people , including myself . But she remarked on how genuine and caring they were and how they wanted to help – she recognised their true generosity and was really deeply touched by it. And their actions help S and M to trust more in FFT – which is really important. S’s Therapist

Thank you for all you do for our clients . They have really appreciated the duvets and the warm clothes and more importantly knowing other people are thinking of them and care.

‘Hi, good morning . I received the deliveries. Thank you so much. May God bless you all. You can’t imagine how all this give help. Thank you so much.’ FS

RE clothes, bedding and food : Hi . I received lovely stuff today. These are absolutely amazing. Thank you for thinking about us. I pray for you, and God gives you everything you need. Thanks again.’ VS