Who and How we Help.

              We are a small local charitable organisation founded by Bardy McNair in 2014 and based in Calderdale. We are very closely associated with "Freedom from Torture" Manchester. All our support goes to people undergoing Therapy or who have completed Therapy at "Freedom from Torture" (Manchester). All our support is provided at the request of Therapists at "Freedom from Toture" (Manchester).

We have 5 unpaid Trustees and an email list of over 200 supporters. In non-pandemic years 40% of our income comes from events such as pop up shops , stalls, musical evenings and theatre productions;30% of our income comes from grants; and 30% of our income comes from one off and regular donations. Our constitution allows us to provide anything requested for Survivors that "Freedom from Torture" (Manchester) cannot provide themselves. We raise funds that are used to support Survivors and their families in the North West with items or activities that are essential to their physical and emotional and psychological recovery.

We have never refused a request from a Therapist for a Survivor.

Currently we support 31 Survivors of Torture and their families.

For further information please go to pages - 'Covid- what we have done this year', and 'What Survivors & Therapists have said about us'

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